Metal and casting of Ukraine №1 (30) 2022


Met. litʹe Ukr., 2022, Tom 30, №1

Shuvaev S.P., Semyriahyn S.V., Niziaiev K.H., Boyko M.M., Stoianov O.M., Yagolnik M.V. Research of ways of intensification of agglomeration process for Joint Stock Company “Pokrovskiy Girnycho Zbagachuvalniy Kombinat
Melnyk S.G. “Green” metallurgy at the stage of transition to carbon neutrality
Kharchenko O.V., Lichkonenko N.V. Thermodynamic analysis of physical and chemical processes in the high-temperature reaction zone of the liquid steelmaking bath. Part 1. Iron-oxygen, iron-oxygen-carbon systems
Niziaiev K.H., Khotiun V.I., Stoianov O.M., Synehin Ye.V. Development of rational technology of microalloying and modifying of killed steel with powder materials
Vodennikova О.S., Vodennikova L.V. Desulfurization of steel: modern technologies, trends and prospects
Solonenko L.I. Leakages on sand-sodium-silicate molds and cores structured by steam-microwave solidification
Doroshenko V.S. On the practice of additive production in foundry and means of laboratory testing of sand molding or core mixtures for this purpose
Zhelyakov A.Sh., Budarin O.S., Bondarenko V.S., Ponomarenko O.I., Marchenko A.P., Akimov O.V. Progressive technology for manufacture of cast parts of hydraulic generator rotor pole cheeks
Yamshynskyi M.M., Selivorstov V.Yu., Lukianenko I.V., Kyvgylo B.V. Influence of modification with highly dispersed silicon carbide on the casting properties of the secondary alloy of the Al-Si system
Smirnova Ya.O., Huriia I.M. Microstructure and mechanical properties of layered cast VT-6/Al composite
Sirenko К.A. Coefficients of friction between railway wheels and brake pads made of cast iron and composite material: a comparative analysis