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Theme of the journal

The journal publishes articles containing the most significant and new scientific and applied research results, as well as the results of the work of a problematic nature in the field of:

  • ore-thermal processes;
  • production of iron and steel;
  • finishing steel in the bucket;
  • casting steel into ingots;
  • continuous casting of steel;
  • thermophysical and physicochemical processes of solidification of metals and alloys;
  • production technologies and processes for casting non-ferrous metals and alloys;
  • special electrometallurgy;
  • magneto-hydrodynamic processes for controlling the processes of casting and solidification of metals and alloys;
  • processes, technologies and materials of foundry;
  • special casting techniques;
  • metal forming;
  • operation and design of metallurgical and foundry machines;
  • refractory materials and products used in metallurgy;
  • resource and energy saving at metallurgical enterprises and foundries.

In one issue of the journal can be published no more than 1 article 1 of the author. Publication of materials free

An article submitted without complying with the requirements of the editorial board will not be accepted for consideration.

Responsibility for the accuracy of information, facts and other information, references to regulations, quoting and writing your own names are borne by the authors of the publication.

The materials that are published in the journal reflect the point of view of the authors, which may not always coincide with the position of the editorial board.

Materials published in the journal are subject to internal and external peer review, which is carried out by members of the editorial board of the journal or specialists of the relevant industry. Peer review is confidential. In case of a negative review or substantial comments, the article may be rejected or returned to the author (s) for revision. In the case when the author (s) disagrees (are) with the opinion of the reviewer, by the decision of the Editorial Board additional independent reviewing can be made. After the authors make changes according to the comments of the reviewer, the article is signed for printing.

The editorial board has the right to refuse publication of manuscripts that contain data already published, as well as materials that do not comply with the journal’s profile or research materials that are performed in violation of ethical standards (for example, conflicts between authors or between authors and organization, plagiarism, etc.) d.). The editorial board of the journal reserves the right to edit and shorten manuscripts without violating the author’s content. Rejected manuscripts are not returned to the authors.

Manuscript submission to the editorial office (Section Policies)

The manuscript of the article is submitted on paper and in electronic form. The electronic version of the article must fully comply with the paper version. The manuscript must be signed by all co-authors or responsible author. Materials for publication must be submitted in Russian in the format supported by Microsoft Word, A4 page size, portrait orientation, font - Arial 10, line spacing - 1.5. Fields: left - 3 cm, right - 1.5   cm, upper and lower - 2 cm. Article size - not more than 15 pages, figures - not more than 10. List of sources of literature - not less than 15. Title of the article is indicated in bold , headings of subsections - in bold, italics.
Tel. edition: (044) 424-04-10.

The manuscript should also be attached:

  1. Information about the authors - full name, academic degree, title, position, place of work, author identifiers - ORCID, Researcher ID (if any), contact information (address, telephone, e-mail). Information about the authors must be submitted in 3 languages - Russian, Ukrainian and English.
  2. Originals Reviews, Agreements (signed by all co-authors, the form can be obtained from the editorial board of the journal or on the journal’s website) are sent to: Ukraine, 03142, Kiev, Blvd. Vernadsky, 34/1 IETC NAS of Ukraine (MDR edition).

The structure of the article should include the following necessary elements:

  1. Annotation
  2. Introduction
  3. Problem statement
  4. Objective
  5. Object and research methodology
  6. Research results
  7. The discussion of the results
  8. Conclusions and research prospects
  9. Bibliography

Annotations to the article in Russian, Ukrainian and English with keywords (at least 6 words) should be extended - 1,800 characters, including spaces. The abstract should not duplicate the title of the article. From the abstract, the purpose, methodology, main results and conclusions should be clear.

The article is devoted to coverage ... To achieve this goal, a complex of methods (methodology) has been applied ... Thanks to a successful algorithm, weighty results have been obtained, in particular ... This has led to a number of important practical conclusions ...
Keywords ...

The list of references used should be   cited at the end of the article.   It should consist of two parts: References and References. Literature is in Arial 9 font. References are numbered in the order in which they are mentioned in the text, where they are indicated by the ordinal number in square brackets (for example - [1]).
References - sources in the original language, are designed in accordance with the standard of bibliographic description (ДСТУ 8302: 2015: Бібліографічне посилання. Загальні приепення и так deposited. Київ 2016).

References is a list of references in English, designed in accordance with the international style for the design of scientific publications (APA style - American Psychological Association). Transliteration is optional, transliterated   the name of the publisher and the name of the magazine where the source is published (except for magazines that have an official name in English, then the name of the magazine in English translation is given). Examples of literature design can be found on the journal website in the material “Rules of references”.

References to sources should be no older than works 5 years ago and it is desirable that they be carried out in the English version (if available) and be accessible (have electronic versions, at least metadata). Accordingly, sources for references can not be unpublished works - abstracts and dissertations that are not in the network, as well as laws, resolutions and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, well-known encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books (if very necessary, these can be notes in the text).

Requirements for drawings: drawings, diagrams, diagrams and other graphic materials should be black and white, clear, contrast (with a resolution of at least 300 dpi), made separate files with standard graphic extensions jpeg or tiff, be sure to have a number and a caption (Arial 9, straight). All bulky inscriptions in the figure should be replaced by numeric or letter symbols, the explanation of which should be put in a caption.

Requirements for the formulas: formulas are typed in the special program of the Math Type formula set, but not in the Word built-in program (!!!) - Arial   11, lower and upper registers - Arial 8 (Russians in straight type, English in italics, Greek - Symbol 12, straight). Must have a sequence number (Arial 10, direct). If these are simple formulas without fractions, roots, and double superscript + subscript characters, then type them in plain text (not necessarily in a formula editor). The meanings in the textual explanation of the formula are also plain text, and not in the formula editor.

Requirements for tables: tables must have a sequence number (Arial 10, italics) and a heading (Arial 10, p / f), text in a table (Arial 9, straight), notes to the tables are placed directly under the table (Arial 8, italics). If there is one table in the text, the sequence number is not indicated.

The order of the article (required items):

  • UDC
  • Information about authors in Russian - name of all authors with indication of academic degree, title, position, e-mail, author identifiers
  • The full name of the organizations in which the authors work, city, country
  • Title of the article in Russian
  • Abstract in Russian
  • Keywords in Russian
  • The text of the article (Arial 10 font, line spacing - 1.5; Russian characters are in bold type, English characters are in italics, Greek characters are direct, Symbol,   12 (!!!)
  • References in the original language
  • Date of receipt of the article to the editors of the journal (Received ...)
  • References
  • Date of receipt of the article in the journal (Received…)
  • Information about authors in Ukrainian - the full name of all authors with an indication of a scientific degree, title, position, e-mail, author identifiers
  • The full name of the organizations in which the authors work, city, country
  • The name of the article in Ukrainian
  • Abstract in Ukrainian
  • Keywords in Ukrainian
  • Information about the authors in English - the full name of all authors with an indication of the degree, title, position, e-mail, author identifiers
  • The full name of the organizations in which the authors work, city, country
  • Title of the article in English
  • Abstract in English
  • Keywords in English

Article processing / submission charges

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