Ukrainian granular magnesium is fifty years old


Met. litʹe Ukr., 2021, Tom 29, №4, P. 29-35

I.A. Barannik1 , PhD (Engin.), Leading Research Scientist, State Prize Laureate of UkSSR, Honored Inventor of UkSSR, the Best Inventor of Nonferrous Metal Industry, e-mail:, https://orcid. org/0000-0001-6879-0609
Yu.I. Savenets2 , Technical director, e-mail:,

1 Publicly joint-stock company “Titanium Institute” (Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine)
2 Private limited company “ONVI” (Zhytomyr, Ukraine)

Received 22.10.2021

UDK 669.721(477) У 45

Granular magnesium is a material, the industrial production of which first began in Ukraine in the early 70s of the last century. Over 50 years, its effectiveness has been repeatedly proven as the main reagent-desulfurizer of cast iron, not only in the former USSR, but also in a number of foreign countries. The main production developer organizations of granular magnesium and its effective use as a reagent-desulfurizer: Publicly joint-stock company "Titanium Institute" (city Zaporizhzhia) and Iron and Steel Institute of Z.I. Nekrasov of the NAS of Ukraine (city Dnipro) with the enterprises participation of cities Zaporizhzhia, Kalush and Solikamsk. Developed and implemented process in city Kalush allowed to receive granular magnesium from liquid metal in oxidizing atmosphere (air) with centrifugal spraying, that makes broken magnesium explosion-proof reagent and allow it to use in its pure form, instead of powder form. Granular magnesium is being effectively used in other industries: chemistry, mechanical engineering (high-strength cast iron) and extraction of petroleum. In the USA, such material began to be produced 6–8 years later. For the first time, Ukrainian technology of cast iron desulfurizing with granular magnesium was used in Finland, where granular magnesium supplied from Kalug Magnesium Works. In 2000–2012 Publicly joint-stock company "Titanium Institute" and Iron and Steel Institute of Z.I. Nekrasov of the NAS of Ukraine with common Ukrainian-Chinese company Desmag distributed Ukrainian technology of cast iron desulfurizing with granular magnesium in China – in the country with the biggest pig iron and steel production in the world. Zhytomyr Private limited company “ONVI” continues to produce and supply magnesium alloys scrap pellets to Azovstal Iron & Steel Works, where since 1977 the pig iron desulfurizing has been operating according to ukrainian technology (one of the first developments of Iron and Steel Institute and Private joint-stock company Azovstal Iron & Steel Works). In a number of scientific publications Ukrainian technology of cast iron desulfurizing with granular magnesium or magnesium alloy is recognized as the most effective among other famous desulfurizing technologies.

Keywords: Granular magnesium, granular magnesium alloy, pig iron desulfurizing, Titanium Institute, “Azovstal”, Iron and Steel Institute, company “ONVI”, magnesium scrap, steel industry in Chinа.


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