Improved resistance to high temperature corrosion of heat-resistant alloys as a reserve of increasing the resource capacity of gas-turbine engines


Kvasnytska I., Maksyuta I., Mialnitsa H.
UDC 669.245:536.421.4


The paper presents data on the analysis of corrosion tests on gas-dynamik stand of the samples developed heat-resistant alloy ХН57КВЮТМБРЛ type for GTE blades. It is shown that the introduction of tantalum and rhenium improves resistance to high temperature corrosion probably due to the preferential formation of MC-type carbides based on tantalum. Introduction of active carbide formation tantalium leads to the fact that most of the chromium is not consumed for М 23С6 carbides and remains in the matrix together with rhenium, increasing corrosion resistance of the material


superalloy, high-temperature saline corrosion, gas turbine engine blades


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